Jillian Chong
I love to meet people, so please come say hello!

대표 작품

작가 미니인터뷰

작품의 영감을 주는 특별한 장소와 시간이 있다면?

I’m always inspired by patterns and intricate details around me. I especially love to look at tiles and architectural details of buildings.

무인도에 갈 때 가져가고 싶은 3가지의 물건과 는 무엇인가요?

Sunblock, a unicorn float and books!

일러스트레이터로서 가장 행복한 순간은 언제인가요?

I’ll never forget the first time I sold an original piece. It was such a proud and happy moment for me to know that someone liked my work enough to invest in it for their home.